I am Barnabas Akinrinola and I am most delighted to welcome you to my blog!!!😃😌

Here, you will find out what I’m thinking about per time and you will be provoked into thinking.

Not to worry, everything will not be grim serious here because, here and there, you will find some humour and playing around.😜

Here, like me, I hope you find a resting place. I hope you find succour. I hope you find encouragement.😊

How did I come by ‘fantbabs?’🤔 What does it even mean?😩

Well, I’m no longer in high (or secondary) school, but when I was, I was a member of a group of 5 highflying students in my set. We would meet on weekends to study. We got ourselves a name: The Fantastic Five. It was an altered adoption of the title of the old superhero movie, The Fantastic Four.😁

From our group name, I got the name, Fantastic Barnabas. I really thought it was a befitting name and that’s how it stuck. If you want to know if I’m still fantastic, yes, of course, I am. An upgraded fantastic, in fact.😌😎

So, here’s Fantastic Barnabas saying, Welcome, my fantastic guest! Come here often!😉😘


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